Production Maintenance

Zhangjiagang High Macro Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a major centrifuge specializing in the production of enterprises.

My company is strong in technology, processing equipment, advanced detection methods, the product has 13 series of more than 50 kinds of specifications, including three full-scale centrifuge variety, many specifications, material diversity, strict implementation of GB / T13756 “three-legged Centrifuge type and basic parameters “and GB /

T13755” three-legged centrifuge technical conditions “, the market share.
The company always adhere to science and technology as the guide, and constantly improve the internal management, has invested heavily in the transformation of equipment, the introduction of technology. Formed from casting, gold processing, testing assembly to test one-stop production system, the company’s technical content, assembly level, the scale of the total competitiveness of the industry has always maintained a good advantage.

Reliable product quality and excellent service is the company’s purpose, to first-class products, first-class service, first-class management, the same commitment to service the community, work with you to create a better future!

Since the company was formally established, we have witnessed the growth of high macro. Here, thanks to all customers who go hand in hand with Komatsu and share the joy of success.

Century change, business opportunities, high macro in maintaining healthy development at the same time, will further standardize the production, operation, management, service, is committed to shaping the corporate culture and enhance corporate image and brand competitiveness, so that high macro in business scale, brand value Achieve qualitative leap!