Where to Hold a Live Music Event

Are You Currently a concertgoer from Colorado and You’re Looking for an Ultimate music enjoyment that this August? Red Rocks Amphitheatre includes a vast Concert program for one to attend. You should not miss the 22nd Annual Red Rocks Beer Festival 2019. What it seems like you? More intense Fun is here!

More information on the 22nd Annual Red Rocks Beer Festival 2019

When: Sunday, August 25, 2019

Where: To be held in Red Rocks Upper North Parking Lot

Time: 2:00 PM for VIP Doors; 3:00 PMfor GA Doors; 5:00 PM for Show Doors

Get the opportunity to jam with these audio classes to be in the home of Red Rocks Amphitheatre for the concert:

  1. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes — This can be a punk rock group that Performs solely as a cover band. They functioned with extremely hot atmosphere, Showiness, and amazing attitude that constantly make their performance a Wonder and tie out the tunes without scratching one another’s back. They Really have a passion for music and they love to please their fans, and Certainly, they value the applause. More information about red rocks amphitheatre on theredrocksamphitheater.
  1. The Bouncing Souls–Another punk band group way from New Jersey. They’re acknowledged By playing crazy carefree songs. Along with an aura of hopelessness, the Tunes along with the voice are greater than can be sensibly predictable to the Most part throughout the cold Sunday night.
  1. Leftover Crack — This punk band is one of the very famous to surface from the audio Sector since the fracture of the millennium. The vocals still happen as Madly deep that every rock music fans would certainly love to listen. They’re in fact a definite widespread prior in N.Y. squat house. Their Coated accessories and clothes plus the pure hair color signify them in The center room of the sit.

These Are Only 3 of the Principal rock bands to see during the 22nd Annual Red Rocks Beer Festival 2019

See you there!