I saw a black garlic in my mother’s kitchen and I thought that it was a rotten garlic. I almost threw it in the garbage but she stopped me and told me that it is not rotten and more expensive than the white garlic. I became curious on why it is more expensive than the regular garlic so I checked it out and I was amazed by it. Let me share with you some of the fact I learned and I hope this will urge you to try and buy black garlic.

Its origin is same as the white garlic

You do not plant a black garlic and harvest a black garlic as well. This actually came from the white ones. Black garlics are created through the use of a machine. To create this, you need to put the white garlics inside a machine for weeks. More information about schwarzer knoblauch kaufen on

There is a specific heat being produced by the machine that is responsible in making it become black. It is like a fermentation process but without adding any chemicals since it is done naturally.

Its taste is not like the white one

The black garlic does not have the same taste as the white one so for those people who do not like white garlic, they will be able to eat the black garlic since this actually has a sweet taste. It is actually recommended that this will be eaten raw so you can really appreciate its distinct flavor.

It has more antioxidants and considered healthier for the body

Since it had undergone a fermentation process, it produced a different compound that was proven to prevent cancer and lower blood cholesterol level. It also contains a greater number of antioxidants that makes the body’s immune system stronger. That can promote a better life making you feel younger and active all the time.