Testing instructions for the molly test kit

First timers often find it hard to read instructions that come with the kit because they do not like to read in general. This is why they often resort to finding things on the internet, on tutorials or videos to help them out. However, when it comes to the Molly test kit, it might be better to read on instead as some videos can actually misdirect you instead of teaching you the right way to use it. As for testing instructions, it is actually easy and comes in a few steps. Here are some you ought to try.

Open and load

The first thing you should do would be to open up the Marquis reagent, making sure that it has been really sealed up and that it is a legitimate one so you do not regret your results later. Then, you need to load up your substance on the spoon or what is known to be the mini tester. Around 0.005 grams should do fine so that you would not need to use so many of the reagent that you have. It would do you good to actually make sure that the testing vile is actually empty before you put anything at all. If you are more curious about molly test kit then you can learn more about it on whatismolly.

Add and watch

After loading your unknown into the vile, what you need to do next would be to add two or one drop of your reagent. After a while, the reaction should show up so you have to make sure to watch carefully. Watch out for reaction time, for color changes and any smoking or fizzing reactions because that would be the thing that you need to take note of.

Color chart

Lastly, you should refer to the color chart that comes along with your kit to figure out if MDMA is in your substance or not and that is how you basically use the kit.