Centrifuge selection points

Centrifuge selection points – the correct selection is the premise of good equipment
Correct selection is the premise of good equipment operation:

Selection Note:

1, the main use of equipment uses:

chemical companies should be the main choice of chemical equipment inside.

Pharmaceutical and food companies often have to choose their favorite products in pharmaceutical food equipment for their compliance with GMP standards.

Laboratory, starch and other industries with centrifuges are classified with other separation equipment.

2, Corrosive:

Centrifuges due to the separation of materials are generally corrosive, so the choice of centrifuge is required according to their own material to determine the situation. I plant to provide all kinds of stainless steel (304,316 L, 321, titanium) centrifuge and plastic-lined, Liner centrifuges.

3, explosion-proof:

According to the user equipment used on the occasion of the explosion level requirements and the separation of materials to determine the centrifuge’s explosion-proof performance. At present, the centrifuge explosion-proof measures are: equipped with explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof lights, nitrogen protection devices, static grounding and other measures.

4, the average daily volume of separation: the

average daily processing capacity, in addition to considering the centrifuge material properties such as separation (concentration, adhesion, looseness, etc.) factors, so to note different models of centrifuges single charge limit , Drum volume, speed and other technical parameters.

5, the separation factor:

6, site size:

7, degree of automation:

ordinary type (artificial): SS, SX, SD, SB, SSC and so on.

Semi-automatic: SG, MIN1200 and so on.

Automatic: SGZ, LGZ, PSB, LWL and so on.

8, the material way:

on the material: SS, SD, SSC, PSB, PSD, SSF, SG and other

materials: SX, SB, SGZ,

continuous discharge: LWL, WHS-800, GKH, etc.